Coaches Corner


The "Roadmap to St. Paul”  is a plan, supported by the school, to develop our players to reach a competitive level where we will earn the opportunity to play in the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament in March each year.  We have built  a very strong in-season coaching staff. We also recognize that to compete at the top levels the boys need to prepare their bodies and minds for the challenges ahead. To facilitate the development we have added a strength and conditioning program along with an on-ice skating and stick handling program lead by two of the top people in the country. The boys who participate fully will excel at hockey and their other sports. The additional programs are sponsored and operated through the PA Hockey Boosters club in order to comply with the MSHSL rules.

The final piece of the plan involves each player making a personal commitment to engage in deliberate and intentional  development activities that they can do on their own at home. This involves shooting 1,000's of pucks, stick handling, and participating in other complementary activities that will improve their athleticism and hockey IQ.

The 2017-2018 season  is the first step in this journey that we will take together.  We do not require every player to make a full commitment. However, they need to recognize that their teammates who do will likely develop faster as athletes and as hockey players. We also need the support of parents as we embark on this journey together. This will be a collective effort on behalf of the boys. I know we have great start and am excited to see this develop.


HAL Tearse

Head Coach Providence Academy

Phone: 612-770-8709